Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The One With *Gasp!* No Morning Cuppa

So this is what it feels like to have your brain dead. It's official. Even when i was a kid, i wrinkled my nose up at Mom whenever she took me out on Saturdays and started wheezing for coffee by 10am cos she reaally needed it to function.

I'm a slave to caffeine too now.

Had dance practices. For some reason i feel like a dinosaur when i'm dancing lately. Like my whole body is so heavy that it's a struggle to move even just an arm. I don't look it, but i do feel it. Maybe i'm just lazy. Went for another session of lipo for my hair again. I haven't prayed so much for something for ages. I really hope it grows back enough by the farewell so i won't look like a boy in a dress.

I don't want next week to come. I've no idea how to be in school anymore. I feel like i need a full guide on how to move around in the morning cos it's been like a month since we've gone to school and 'studied' in that classroom thing.

Oh and i didn't go for camp. Technically Veena got me out of it but not on purpose. Mom said that she'd be ostracized sooner or later if i keep ditching activities they organize. I fumed. I was ready to argue that i didn't do all of it on purpose. Then i stopped myself cos if they don't get how much i've on my plate & that not all of them are of my priorities but more like obligations - as Daddy advised many times - i'll just walk off.

I shall go jolt my brain up now with a mugful of nectar from heavenn. Byee.


'..wide vocabulary, reads quite alot, good grammar-'
'- better than you?'

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