Tuesday, August 07, 2007

The One With The Screw-Up

I'm still alive. My keyboard gave up on me during the weekend and i might have something to do with it but i'm not gonna admit it cos Mom'd grab the opportunity to lecture me and lecture me.

I've pictures to post from ages ago but i can't yet and i kinda lost them.


I've been very, very irritable the past week. Haven't had the whole tasmanian devil anger in quite some time. I seem to scrunch up my forehead and i never realise till i laugh or smile cos so much tension is relieved. I dunno. Maybe it's cos my allergy reaction is acting up and this time it's gone up a notch. Or maybe it's cos i actually want to be in school cos i feel awkward not running up and down doing paperwork. Or maybe it's cos it's been nearly 2 weeks and i'm still coughing.

Or maybe it's cos some people are utterly brainless.

God, please help them understand the noodles between their ears are there for a reason and it serves more than to just balance that already inflated head of theirs. Hers. Whatever. I'm really in over my head here.

Okay gonna let my caffeine fix and add math fan all the - as the cinapek calls it -
'bad aura' far, far away from me.


..take back what i said last year. And the year before. The missingitis this time round is ten times worse.

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