Saturday, July 28, 2007

The One With The Black Lung

Been practising the merdeka dance thing for about 4 days now. My arms've got the two tone thing again. And for some reason that time of the year where that thing happened last year is happening again. I'm doing my blanking out thing which seems to be working. Plus i think the whole flu slashie cough slashie fever thing i've got is helping too cos i've slept for about 14 hours and my mind is completely zonked out.

Friday was stressful. I didn't think it was so difficult to get such a microscopic chore done. I skipped about an hour or so of practice with Buttman. For the first time ever he'd strung together a bunch of words that i didn't have anything to reply with because it was so...honest? And i always have something to retort anything.

Also for the first time, he'd given in on something i really want and we didn't raise voices. So it's settled. We're never gonna settle for 'fine' or 'okay' because i don't allow us to.

And i'll think of something for the blues.


Gelukkige derde maand, egoïstische butthead.

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matt said...

hi esther haha. oh oh.. i heard from din u're pretty busted up in bed. get well soon.. (WHERES THE CHAT BOX?