Saturday, July 21, 2007

The One With Lotsa Speeches

20th July 2007..

The first bye came and went. I honestly could hold it in. I doubt i cried for just one singular reason, because at that time too many hits came to me at once. We were never going to have seniors ever again for the rest of our secondary school life. No one to cover up for us, no one to stop us before we make mistakes, and worst of all - no more learning. Like, i'll never learn anymore beyond this point - i have to apply everything i've learnt. No more fooling around in front of juniors cos we're the Hao-Weis and Annies and Priyas now. They look at everything we do. We hold the heaviest of responsibilities from here onwards. Soon there would be no Bionic Woman reminding me of the footlong list of things i owe her. None of the Mah sisters left. No more wise cracks from Stupid Himbo. And that little thing i look forward to everyday to make recess a wee bit more bearable. Even though it's always approximately 200 metres away (i make sure it is), it's still a little sunbeam through a stressful day.

But i think i cried mostly cos i'm getting really old.

PS : Our beloved Flinging Foodie's birthday's coming. I'm bringing moomade ingredients. =P

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