Saturday, August 11, 2007

The One With Another Newfound Avocado

Jun was very right. Our Flingin' Foodie is a real brainiac. I like that i could use a huge load of euphemisms and he'd still get it and then try to frame me for talking dirty when he's talking dirty too. Like when we wanted to go over there but i said that we didn't have enough time to spare then when someone tsk-ed cos we sounded so lol indecent he immediately bounced back with, 'What? Go there and buy drinks lah what did you think we were talking about?'

'Yeah and we don't have enough time to enjoy it so we won't.'
'Yess we need time to enjoy the pleasure of having a cold drink in such hot weather..'
'Yess. Pleasure..'

And he tried to get me caught red-handed yesterday too -

'The ones that are like, extra big right - guarantee fake.'
'No no some of them are naturally big but you must also think about the texture and (somethingcan'tremember) . But those that are very shiny are definitely fake.'
'Did you say boobs?'
'No no Jit Siang, we're talking about books.'
'Books? Shiny means fake?'
'Yaa cos the cover made out of cardboard.'

But i was fast enough to nod and save myself. Well kinda. I'm exposing myself right now so yeah. But it's ay-okay cos Jits won't judge me cos he said his goal after SPM is to do it. Yeeah - it. (that's for forgetting Jun and my birthday you high school musical lover)

I realised i am darker! I thought i'd be lucky or something cos maybe my skin has loosened up on all the sunray absorbency cells that i suffered from as a kid but apparently not. I dunno why but my arms' color reminds me of teriyaki chicken. T.T Veena got to be on telly! And all she did was play pool and pretend to look at her family's photo albums! Wth i still think she should've given a footlong verbal essay about us. And mine should be the longest cos i remember how you prepare your dog's food plus i agreed to be your lamp post today. But noo have to rush home and film you playing pool and looking at photo albums.

Okay have to cram like 3 chapters of add math.



(on the way to flush our system of all the oil and gook we had for dinner)

'So what are you gonna get?'
'Haha - '
' - and maybe mix it with some coffee.. '
'Ah so you like it hot and..



*awkward silence*


Seriously lah. I cracked a horny one by accident. Hot and spicy didn't go with coffee so i opted for creamy cos, you know, coffee is usually prepared with either creamer or milk unless you're someone whose bitterness-detecting tastebuds are totally non-existent then you'd go for black and i swear i wasn't thinking about -

Forget it.


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