Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The One With The Alfredo Eruption

I had 5 hours of add math yesterday. My brain? Yes it's pretty beaten up so i've been nursing it with Greek and i've replayed the same episode 4 times today and the whole novelty of seeing Lonelygirl15 has rubbed off and i still don't understand how did that weather machine thing soaked up all the beer at the party and it started to rain beer.

This is why i don't watch TV. It sucks sometimes when i hear my friends talk about commercials that make 'em laugh till they choke but all the hours of waiting for that one episode has turned into something i like torturing myself with. Cos i get to watch stuff like Greek and Veronica Mars which've both made even the worst of bad hair days feel like post-salon-visit days.


I was kinda okay with the whole BBQ thing from our merdeka dance but then when i heard from Droolsalot that Number 5 had given him a detailed description of all the different tones on me - i'm officially paranoid. I've been subconsciously visiting the full-length mirror more than thrice since i woke up and i feel like i should wear a robe when i go out. Now i know how Jun gets so emo about tan. It's cos it's so bloody uneven!

And my feet are white! T.T

Somemore i have to wear a skirt to VI's installation. But no i shan't budge cos that's our uniform and we are not wearing pants cos then we won't look sexy enough and Karven's flirting'd be alot easier cos her mile-long legs'd be exposed. Karven, you're my only hope okay. Make sure alot of guys ask for your number. I cannot cos i have to hide my legs under my seat otherwise everyone will stare at me with a wtf look cos my feet are white and i'll emo and go cry in the toilet cos i'm ultra sensitive cos i'm surfing the crimson wave soon and then you'll have to babysit me and you don't want that.

Okay gonna try to finish teacher's book and move on to the other one by tonight. Toodles.


Bouts of missingitis & a pinch of curiousity made the thumbs do their thing and whaddya know? She's a ballet teacher now. =)

PS : Get well soon Wonks. May the retail therapy twist your ligaments back to place.

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