Saturday, August 18, 2007

The One Where I've Concluded -

- that they're all two-faced. I guess it's just harder than i thought it'd be. One gained, one lost - zero on the counters. Whatever. I can still turn this right back up.

On a neon-disco-ball-sunshine-yellow brighter note, my allergic reaction is clearing up. I guess guilt is the antidote and i just never thought about how mean being ignorant can be. But i'd like it no other way. Words exchanged only under circumstances where it's a must. Anyway i'm pretty settled on forever being labelled on those that come with a guarantee-will-stick-by-you-through-fat-and-thin stamped on 'em.

To her, we toothbrush you. I can relate, but nevertheless it's always different given the variables. I just don't want you to ever think you're not as awesome as you are or even for a second, doubt that. And i'm always ready to verbally abuse him. But zee rarely-ever-appears optimistic me thinks it's just male ego. Just need the right needle to deflate it to a decent size.

Oh wait i'm starting to sound wrong.

Point is don't emo lah kay. It's too overrated unless your best friend is visiting. Then nevermind la. I can lend you my mags that've men-are-scumbags articles if you want. Very empowering. =)

Gonna continue being entertained by the other fried banana who makes me feel like i belong and am not a mere product of overdosage on American TV. Bubyee.


Mono-_ _lo_ _ _ fi_ _ed te_ _.
Hand_ _ _s.
Attitude m_ _s.
_ _ _ C_bot.

Sorry - couldn't resist.

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