Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The One With What's In Their Names

Y'all might have noticed i use alot of nicknames in my posts and i didn't think it'd be all that confusing till someone told me that - it is. In fact i change nicks for people as often as i please. So sometimes the same person might have 9485940 nicknames here. But since i'm in a sharing mood i'll give y'all a little insight as to why their nicks are their nicks.

Wonky/Wonks (Jun-Elle)

Ah this came about around July last year. I'd said her mood 'was a little wonky lately' and then i kept calling her wonky and then wonks came about. And since it was like Willy Wonka's last name, she gave me his first. No, i do not like mine. At all. >=(

Cinapek (Karven)

If you've read her blog religiously (like mee) you'd realise she sounds like a Chinaman. And if you've seen her play volleyball, she has this apek pose she does subconsciously. Join both together and ya get Cinapek. Courtesy of Pockets (will leave that for another sharing moodish day).

Bubbles (Alveena)

We were at PSN last year and there was this dark cave-like place we had to pass and teacher said, 'find a buddy and stay together!' and i was her buddy. I went meanie and hopped away to leave her in the dark, buddyless. So she kept yelling, 'Buddieee!' cos she's kinda chicken and i called her 'Bubbles!' instead like that yellow fish in Finding Nemo - the one that got his kicks when bubbles came out of that treasure chest in the aquarium. Yes i realise there's no relevance or remotely related to Veena but it sounded cute. So we spent our day with kiddy voices calling out, 'Buddy! Bubbles! Buddieee! Bubbles!!' when we were next to each other the whole time.

Kettlenose (Dinesh)

He gave this one to himself. He said something about him sounding like he had asthma when he breathed and it sounded like the noise a kettle makes and tadah - kettlenose. I use this one more often cos apparently most of the nicks i make are a wee bit emasculating for a guy. (I respectfully disagree but nevermind lah)

Baker Boy (Nick)

I know i've mentioned this before - Nick bakes. And wait, it doesn't stop there. He's a boy, he bakes, plus the stuff he bakes tastes crazy-amazing! Seriously! I felt like a disappointment when i first tasted one of his cookies cos a boy my age can bake (yes like the one with an oven!) and i can only microwave maggi mee. And he's not a Jitty-like boy either! (not that there's anything wrong with being Jitty-like, Joe =D)

Boss (Alexanderr)

He was meant to be our next troopleader (he still is to me no matter what) when this nick came about. I kept saying, 'Yes boss.' so it stuck & hence he's my boss. I know i say it to alot of other people, but people - this boss is the boss.

Daddy (Andrew)

Cos he's very protective and he fathers people. He always does things the safe, speedo way and is kinda stubborn lol. All that sounds bad but they aren't most of the time. He drags me back to reality with my sometimes-overblown-optimistic ideas and keeps me grounded and i do feel like a child when i talk to him cos he's always calm & logical while i babble on about weight loss tricks & my hair. Oh ya and he listens to loads of oldies.

Woo kay the mood is totally gone now so all the other nicks shall continue being met with raised eyebrows without any explanation. I like 'em thataway. =)


Everyone, Karven is leaving soon. So please buy her a dozen bookmarks from the Interact Club booth during Friendship Week. Cos she's a good friend. *sniff*


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anyway i LOVE willy as your name haha. and i was the one who created cinapek for karven???

i just know i started using at a tender age of something months cuz my sis always gossiped about aunties calling them cinapek.

something of that sort or other.