Thursday, July 12, 2007

The One That Serves No Purpose II

Like the title says, this post serves no purpose whatsoever. I just need to vent. Not like emo vent but just purge some things out. They're too random to bring up with the beloveds or has already been brought up.

I always resort to burning parchment-colored paper as deco for any folios or whatnot. It's like a default or something. And the yeowches when i burn my fingers doesn't seem to make me stop either.

I'm wondering why Wonks likes that smile of mine. I kept doing it just now and it looks like i'm smirking sarcastically.

Now i know how Karven felt. I hope you choke on hazardous canteen food you empty vessel.

You guys will turn out great. I promise. I can feel it in my toes. (And he is not schmelly)

I am old. I don't mean like gonna-hit-menopause old but i'm still old. I'm getting kicked out of school in less than two years! I'd give anything for '05 back.

Inti College, 14th July 2007, 8pm. Lum Kar Chun and Dragon Red performing.

I hate add math in school. Like as if attending your class would help us at all. What kind of an idiot of a teacher asks prefects to request for permission from Pn. Phang to go for duty late on the days he has a period with us before recess? You're a newbie dammit. Why should something that's been this way for Godknowshowlong be changed cos you want extra time to make us copy down examples written with your inkless marker pen (yes the  man thinks we have superhuman eyesight so he's happily using it like nobody's business) And keep your perverted smiles to yourself and Junn Zhen.

Heehee gold ranger has a boyfriend. =P

Tomorrow's the little angel's first IU Day. Seems so long ago the times we played Barbie dolls and that time i was the minister during her wedding to Dustbin. We even used little straw-made rings. She's growing up too fast. =')

Somebody who has any of the following and wouldn't mind donating them for um a very, very good cause :

Table fan
Planks of wood (Niiiiccckkk.... =D)
A triple socket thingie

Okay lah it's for Interact Club but it's for a good cause. Which we will reveal if anyone's actually not stingy enough to give us one of the things above for free. Cos everyone's stingy these days. Our chee cheong fun woman in school is a perfect example - she waters the sauces instead of just adding more sauce. Oh did i mention she waters it with her own drinking water?

Yep all you people who buy chee cheong fun from the canteen have been consuming that woman's spit. That's why i prefer to sleep during recess. Get to recharge minus the calories.

Okay i am satisfied. Gonna go burn more fingers now.

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