Saturday, July 14, 2007

The One With The Malewhore

Yesterday we went for TD1's IU Day. They gave really impressive free masks, the sketch was hilarious and i wasn't completely antisocial. And for once i think i overdressed since nobody really cared that they specifically printed 'Strictly Formal' on their tickets. There were people strutting around in polo tees. But for the prefects' farewell when we say 'Extremely Formal' - we mean it. The princesses+Joyce decided to leave halfway through so i didn't get to see whatever that was left on the agenda.

Cabbed over to MV, lined up for movie tickets, gave up lining up for movie tickets, emo-ed after seeing WX and Norman emerge from the line after we gave up, dinner, takoyaki, dome (i'm still flustered over it though i think all Booty's mom saw was him bulging his eyes out like a psycho at Veena & Kar) then came the all-time pingpong question (i say pingpong cos neither parties would give a straight answer and just keep throwing the question back at the other party) :

'Where do you wanna go?'
'Where do you wanna go?'
'Where do you wanna go?'
'Where do you wanna go?'

So i decided to be the man (muahaha) and said i wanna drop by MPH. I wanted to spy on the little kiddies reading and watch them twaddle around with their tiny feet (yes i have a problem i am very weird cos i always tell people no way in hell am i getting pregnant but i spy on tiny tots more than i spy on hot guys) but i did read for awhile till this little girl with a messy ponytail hopped over to drag a few books back to her mom. Then this other one with pigtails was nodding slightly at every page as if telling herself she gets what the book says and her adorable bangs were bouncing but all the little boys weren't the least bit interesting.

Left after we got spooked out when we were reading his horror fiction and the books on the shelves behind us kept dropping one by one. Altogether 3 Spiderman coloring books fell and i was sold that we should just go home cos obviously the phantom of MPH thinks we shouldn't be reading about Joyce and her exorcism (damn scary ok i kept imagining Joycee Boycee in Linda Blair mode). He dropped me off, cabbed back, i went home, went to shower, phone rang thrice and i answered the 4th time cos i thought it was Veena and it actually was him thinking i'd gotten kidnapped by some indian dude who was eating a Ramly burger by the bus stop. But i could tell it was very traumatizing for him lah so i assured him i can't get kidnapped cos :

a) i was wearing my peep-toes and the heel is like super sharp - one stab in the dude's eye is enough to make him wish he'd stuck to destroying his system with that 5000-calorie burger.
b) i can scream. 'Nuff said.

Pelantikan is this coming Friday and usually i don't invite my mom to these kinda things just that maybe it's about time she's seen the faces of all the people i talk about. Plus she always seems to be a year or more behind (like William is still troopleader and Carrol is still head prefect) and she always mixes up Audrey and Andrea.

I'm gonna go continue my lengthy list of extra credit now. But before that i shall provide some visual entertainment since the past 3 posts were all words, words & more words. =)

YMCA ladies'.

(see my scowl? It's because i can't even go to the toilet peacefully without someone asking me to please hurry him up for something)

Veena still warming up - only a quart of Joycee Boycee.

Veena gettin' the hang of it but Joycee Boycee not alert.

And tadah - the obligatory camwhoring-in-the-girls'-bathroom photo.

Veena and Veena's Evil Dancefloor Nemesis.

(look at his evil sneer)

Junzee and Veena with Mr. I-Want-Chest-Hair-Oh-So-Badly.

Happy birthday to Lady Long Hair! May you develop courage and your mind be cleared of all the dirty stuff your irresponsible Elle Che Che has allowed you to watch on European+M'sian telly.

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lol! hey audrey here =)

ur mum mixes up me and andrea -.-
how lollll