Monday, July 16, 2007

The One Where It's Early

..but i know i will be late.


Been typing for dunno how long. Dunno what i'm typing either. Eyes are dry. After i'm done with all the keyboard work i've to move on to burning more fingers. And maybe if i have time i'll sort out that other stack of papers. I want tea. But it won't be the same. Not without the Merry Christmas, Esther mug. The same one Charis has except her name is misspelled. At least she still has hers though.

No i'm not complaining about the load that needs to be done asap. Like the BGF said, i have some Superwoman problem. I just do do do. He seems to think i might die from it all sooner or later but i'm still alive & kicking.

I just want to sleep. But i can't. Cos i'm so kiasu.

I'm gonna win this one.

Then i'm gonna demand more nookie cookies.

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