Sunday, July 08, 2007

The One With 'How Could She-'

- possibly forget what's on the 28th?!'

Okay. I'm gonna jog your memory.

1. Cupcakes.
2. '..tons and tons of meehoon!'
3. Happy here, happy there, happy here and there.
4. '..the older ones didn't like us cos we have parents and shit- '
5. KIDS.


For the love of God don't do this to me. Okay i'm sure you remember now and you're writing, 'CALL SHELTER HOME TOMORROW' on your forehead this very moment. Yes that's the way.

Just came back from the most normal weekend i've had in ages. I say normal cos weekends with Mom is never normal for anybody. Unless you count shopping till an argument pops up - really, never fails to happen every week - and both parties resume to sulking before finally opting for either ice cream or caffeine to break the awkward silence.

So i stayed over at Charis's. For dinner we went over to Uncle Darren's, so that Scruffy could see his son - Cookie - while we humans head out for dinner. The two kids were like typical children - cute. Except Raynard was a bit of a granny cos he'd ask us questions and we'd duh answer but he'd do the 'Are you sure ah? Confirm? Hahahaha really really?' psycho-ing bit till we decided to call him Ah Poh the whole night since he was so long-winded.

The boy's really adorable cos he's extremely chubby but then the cuteness immediately evaporates when you start playing with him. He chased me round and round his house. And for what?

No it wasn't the normal tag or just mindless chasing.

It was just so that he could grab my hand and wipe the sweat from his bald head on it. While all the adults looked on, nodding approvingly that i'm so good with kids. Wth.

Okay have to have to finish up identifying the missing photos from our Sesi Fotografi.


'Ew Raynard use tissue lah to wipe your nose.'
*shakes big bald head*
'Naughty boy next time surely no girl will marry you you're so disgusting.'
*shakes big bald head somemore*
'No you naughty boy!'

Yea i didn't get it either.


veena toothbrushes said...

Aunty aunty! I was like thinkin Derricks exam, 28th. haih. any hoot, I hafta go n talk to the TI-ster b4 i call. Then she make me cancell agn sial! But im kinda thinkin call Armada right now. Shit its a sunday. me a favor? at the bottom of ur next post, write call armada. heheh. Sure wont 4get one. =D lubchoooo

elleLee said...

yeah yeah!
orphans orphans!

i'm like so anxious to write the letter for the orphanage shit so that i can fidn some relief in having one thing less to do lol.

orphans orphans!