Tuesday, July 03, 2007

The One With Too Much Diflam

I am somewhat on the verge on being sick. Or i hope lah.

I came back at 12 sharp. Though i was laughing alot and amusing the Slave (ooh lookie i forgot to erase this one muahaha) with my mannish voice, the walk up 3 flight of stairs got me way exhausted. Like i just ran a mile. In fact, i was heating up. I had that irky feeling i get when i'm about to get hayfever. Then a little lightbulb sparked. 'Maybe i'm sick!'

The little devil smiled as the scheme unfolded in her head. Walk over, look as if i'm gonna collapse and then hinthint until she suggests i stay home. Hehehehe. She hunched over, wipes off that grin, replaces it with a slight jaw drop to give that groan-i-feel-so-crappy impression and let her eyelids droop over.

*points to forehead*
*feels forehead (mine, not hers)*
'Nothing what.'
'I think i got flu,' i said in my husky voice.

Her eyes widened at how manly i sounded. So she did her Mom thing, unglued herself from chatting with her gazillion online buddies (yes my mother is way more happening than i am haih) and removed her headphones (plus she knows how to use Skype and i'm still stuck in the Messenger era), and hurried me to shower, brush me teeth, pack my bag. Then she found oodles of meds for me to choke down but i refused with pathetic excuses.

'Wah so big dowan.'
'Let's see how i am in the morning.'
'Doesn't the pink one make you sleep really really long? What if i can't wake up in the morning?'

I wasn't sick yet so i wasn't gonna let myself take meds just like that. But i got my balasan this morn. I don't have a fever or the sniffles.

I just sound like a man wheezing for life.

How attractive.


Ah chocolate cake. The Mother sure knows how to feed a sick person. =)

PS : I don't do this all the time. And i can't talk now so i am kinda, technically, sorta - sick.

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