Wednesday, July 04, 2007

The One With Miniature Ladders & Head Injuries





Still wonder if that year of absence was worth it in exchange for something totally different. Wonder how it'd all be if things hadn't taken a 360 turn. Do kinda pine for those times again. Will keep coming back nevertheless. Gotta fulfill that promise made to Rudolph.


'Don't understand what you mean by gloomy face..'
'Erm i dunno you look...okay so you're very happy?'
'I'm neither very happy or very sad-'
'I know that lah-'
'I've been thinking alot...not about that lah but about everything, life, studies-'
'Think we're all supposed to do that now-'
'Yea but it's like half a year gone. It's already July-'

Fret not, pessimistic one. We shall come up with an ideal prescription of estherbobestermade Prozac for you.


veena toothbrushes said...

How come 2006 boh liao wan??? Really dun haf arrr? yer..cho chaad.

mayyyyyyyyyy said...

howww uuu ediiitt urrr picccssss. i want the interact photo aso :D tyty.

elleLee said...

hi esther! hehe.
scout be the bomb.