Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The One With Sweet Dreams : Interrupted

I dunno. I give up. It's the 28th, i had so many things to do in school today and all of my 6 pre-set alarms just failed me. I had volleyball practice, which all the princesses embedded into my memory with, 'Bring clothes ah! REMEMBER you know!' I'm never trusting my hp again. Time to go old school. I'm bringing back out that annoying pink alarm clock i'd used in primary school. On a brighter note, at least i was up late doing something fruitful for another fellow weirdo.


Name 20 people you can think of off the top of your head. Do not read the questions till you've written the names then when you're done, tag 5 people to do the same.

1. Ishkabulabula

2. Cinapek

3. Bubbles

4. Kettlenose

5. Baker Boy

6. Jitty

7. Andrew P

8. Joycee Boycee

9. Charis

10. Brina

11. Kar Heng

12. Daisy

13. Joel

14. Peter

15. Zam Zam

16. Kar Chun

17. Neinna

18. Hana

19. Sniffles

20. Joel Madden

The Questions:

How did you meet 14?
Through Cinapek. Knew him since i was 6+. He used to be so irritating when he was younger lol. And i'm the only one who still calls him by his chinese name cos i find it weird to say 'Peter'. But now he's one of the most adorable things walking around school. And he's also very vain.

'Ee cannot run for Sports Day tomorrow i'm so fat already!'
'I'm gonna get pimples tomorrow the cream was soo oily you know!'

What would you do if you had never met 1?
I'd be stupid (owe my nerdiness to her) and wouldn't have someone who'd always listen but would never judge. I guess in short i'd be pretty swad. Oh ya and no one to laugh at anything & everything. The woman is like a female Junn Hsien.

What would you do if 20 and 9 dated you?
Number 9 is the holiest person i know so i doubt Charis would indulge in lesboism and number 20?
Yes please!

(i touched Joel Madden i touched Joel Madden yess i did i touched Joel Madden i touched Joel Madden no i will never get over it i touched Joel Madden i did i did)

Would 6 and 17 make a good couple?

Describe 3.
Hot, funny like shit in a good way, intelligent, witty, dancing queen, never loses an argument against anyone (cept maybe Kettlenose lol), hornay, curly, hates it when people talk to her when she's reading, likes photoblogs, loves chocolate banana, is into fiction while every other girl our age is into chick lit, & her Duchess chewed up my flip flop.

Do you think 8 is attractive?
Yes i do. She's got the biggest eyes ever and she's like a walking smiley. And on top of that, she's diabetes-provokingly sweet.

Do you know anything about 12's family?
2 sisters. Chef mom. Daddy who lives in Brunei. Her older sister is studying Nutrition. Don't pronounce her younger sister's name wrong. It's pronounced Yi-vette. Not Yeeeeeeee-vette. She'll give you the worst thigh-slap a tiny 10-year-old can if you say the latter.

Tell me something about 7.
He's like a Lucas Scott in short. Problem solver most of the time (lol), listens unlike many guys, actually asks about how i'm doing when other guys would blabber on about themselves, very stubborn. He's always rescuing people. Like that time i left our cheerleading banner in the prefects room on Sports Day. Or that time i was so frustrated about changing streams. Or that other time i didn't have transport to go to school in time for Campfire rehearsal. Okay fine only me lah cos i'm such a hopeless fool.

What is 18's favourite?
Neinna! Don't know if it counts as a what but yea that's about as far as i know.

What would you do if 11 confesses that he/she likes you?
I'd say, 'Give me zoey then we'll talk.'

What languange does 15 speak?

Iban-butchered English. =)

Who is 19 going out with?

How old is 16 now?
Nineteen! Whoa didn't realise he's so old now. Ooh that reminds me of my rainchecked phone call.

When was the last time you talked to 13?
14th June - Dais's sweet sixteen. =)

Who is 2's favourite singer?
I think she listens to too many bands and stuff. I can't keep track. I know the names have 'monkeys' and 'mars' in them though.

Would you date 4?
Whoa. That's freakishly coincidential.
Um maybee laah.

Would you date 17?
Nea-uh. Cos she's a girlie.

Is 15 single?
He doesn't wanna tell!

What is 10's last name?

Would you ever consider being in a relationship with 11?
Said already what - if he gives me his baby sister, i'll consider. But it'd be a very unbalanced relationship since 3/4 of the time my 'I love you's would be directed at Zoey. Eee zoey zoey zoey =)

Which school does 3 goes to?
Bubbles goes to SMKDPee.

Where does 6 live?
I KNOW! Um somewhere near TD1. And the road leading there is haunted. His house has two tangloongs hanging outside and his fridge is the kind that spurts drinking water.

What is your favourite thing about 5?
My favouritest thing about Nick would be how incredibly witty he is. Like, his jokes are never outwardly funny - it takes some brainwork for you to get it. I love witty jokes cos they're not as generic (not the usual manglish, lame-o jokes) plus he does great impressions! I love his Russell Peters and Stitch and Borat! If he and Veena collaborated, we'd all die - die i tell you.

I tag :

Kar Heng


Gonna go redeem self by finishing all leftover homework.

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