Friday, June 15, 2007

The One With Prefects' Lanoivitom Camp '07

Ah and once again it's over. I realised that i always dread prefects' camp. Karven would nod in agreement that this year was no diffo.

Heck i actually wanted Cheng Mun to sneeze in my face when someone told me he had a flu. Was trying to get infected with something undeadly yet plausible enough a reason to skip camp and stay home with my supply of ANTM.

But since everybody was so bloody healthy - i went for camp.

I'm not gonna go into details. I can say though that during our speech-giving torture, i saw how so many of the Form4s backed each other up - prefects and librarians.

And during the game the speaker had us play. That made me so smiley i tell you. Our team semangat was like, so the bomb. Our name was Beatother Teams lol and we even had our own little dance and we were so focussed on winning we let ppl sit on us, step on us, and we hugged each other like we're dying of cold just to stay on a piece of newspaper.

The speeching part was horrifying. I got mine done in 5 minutes and i was scared i'd be too soft like on IU Day but The Daddy did his reassuring thing after it was over and i was ay-okay.

Okay since got no pics i'm gonna round this up lah.

Conclusion : I'm grateful i was born in 1991 and enrolled into SMKDP.


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