Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The One With The Black, White & Gold

I didn't think she'd be that nerve-wrecked. It was kinda like that anxiety she gets right before a huge performance.

So it started.

Her hands kept shaking, she kept fiddling with that wee bit piece of paper she'd written 15 minutes before the bell rang and her eyes kept heading south. Then eventually, the stage fright-like jitters left.

Before she knew it, it was over.

At home, she sms-ed her safety net and his reply surprised her a little since he barely uttered a word earlier (which is very unlike him)..

'Thanks....no nothing much to add....you were good conducting the whole thing.. :o)'

..but nevertheless it was comforting.

Bring on the 'orphanages'/sales/dog poo/catfights. She's all set for the pain & torture. >=)

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