Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The One With The Long To-Do List

last night i finally got to try out Paddington's House of Pancakes :) it has been quite frustrating, since i always seem to suggest that place for dinner and everyone's all, 'pancakes for dinner? nah-uh.'

but i am proud to report that that place is ideal for breakfast, lunch and dinner or for no reason at all cos they have probably every combination in the world possible. we spent ages looking at the pretty pictures in the huge menu (we only got one to share cos two wouldn't've fit the table that's how fat it is).

The Full Monty, mine. which was like a little bit of everything - sausages, eggs, mashed potatoes&gravy, pepperoni, bacon, baked beans and pancakes, but i chose it cos it has guacamole and i haven't tried it before. it's the lump of green all the way up north.

The Capri, his. Seafood Marinara pizza but on a pancake.

chips. that tasted oddly like soapwater, dunnowhy. we didn't finish this cos we were late for our movie and used it as the rubbish bowl instead, Din dumped his prawn shells in 'em.

very good place for good food without setting your wallet on fire. :)


To-Do List For The 5-day Break Before Coll Starts.

1. get outfit finished for Promtay - just a mask and tights.

2. spend a whole afternoon at Borders reading comics.

3. finish the first season of True Blood. not recommended for those who think sex is ewwy lol.

4. buy shoes, bag, stationery, shorts, and tees for coll.

5. decorate folders with dinosaursss.

6. go over to BSC and try out the Stuff Your Face cafe. always wanted to try their cupcakes :)

7. write out new quarterly budget for expenses.

8. watch Monsters Vs. Aliens, Terminator, and something Girlfriend Past.

9. spend a Saturday morning at the Curve's flea market and checking out all the li'l stores in Cineleisure then take a break at Baskin-Robbins and people-watch over icecream.

10. hunt down clothes that are sold at blogshops and Telawi stores for over double the real price at Times Square and Sungei Wang just cos they're selling shit thinking everyone's as stupid as the ignorant brats who shop there.

11. drop by every Starbucks that i pass to check if any of their flasks are actually nice. if there is, buy! if there isn't, buy! okay no lah. i'll buy the mug instead.

12. nap with Big Lump (new petname nyehehe) at least once. don't get to this often anymore :(

13. get KarHeng's present (which is just a box big enough to fit his sister in. no not the tiny one we camwhore with all the time, the bigger one he looooooves sho much).

14. try out Frontera at JayaOne.

15. haircut? haircut! i dunno...if i cut again, this time, it's gonna be very short. yea i think i will. maybe add a streak of color on my fringe too. :)

16. catch up with the oldest friend i have. everyday. till he's sick of me and curses himself for writing on my wall making me feel guilty for not having talked to him for so long wahaha.


18. clean up room, throw out SPM books (if anyone wants just ask cos i'm desperate to get rid of 'em), clear out all books except my favourites (Archies, Meg Cabot, Harry Potter, Twilight, why am i so mainstream and unoriginal) and make way for new ones.

19. force myself to sit down and seriously think about all the stuff i've to get ready for the business i will one day (i will get it off the ground no matter what) unleash on everyone, hopefully, in 2-3 years' time. ;)

20. register for CIMP.

have a great weekend everyone and happy birthday to Cassie :)

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