Friday, June 19, 2009

The One Where There Is No Need To Be Hostile No More

yesterday, i daydreamed at my desk waiting for work to come to me. i looked over at all the letters that were going to be mailed out today. mail. i thought about how i love getting mail. the wait, the suspense. like the time i waited for my first necklace to come in the mail. then the bigger batch of necklaces from Korea to come in the mail. then my scholarship offer letter to come in the mail. e-mail is never going to be able to replace regular mail, i thought.

then it hit me.

ladies and gents, i have found my dream. one i am going to make come true not because it's gonna make me lots of money or because it's a practical one. i'm gonna do it cos it's going to make me happy, so happy that - i really don't care if i fail. no longer am i going to walk around an aimless blob of potential. coming to this, isthebestfeelingever.

don't store your dreams as just dreams. they deserve better. so -

- why don't you do somethin'?

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