Sunday, May 31, 2009

The One With The Tummy Tuck

finally, the big splurge.

really disappointed at the amount of stuff i went home with on Saturday but i suppose that means i have to spend the following Saturdays looking for what i want nyehehe.

although i'm very proud of us, covering 3 places in a day. Sunway turned out to be the best. Telawi is full of garbage. i pity the rich girls who actually shop there thinking they're buying one-of-a-kind pieces when i saw so many dresses you can get at Times Square for like 30 bucks going for 60 instead. so not worth it. -.-

Mid Valley was okay but didn't find what i was hoping for. ho hum.

after shopping for so long on Saturday i've learned that :

1. you may think when you set out looking for something, it'd be exciting to find it. but i realized what's even more exciting is - finding what you want in your size. you have NO idea how happy i was when i found my white tees in my size *weeps*

2. girls shop like soldiers keeping alert during war. our eyes would be all over the place, trying to hunt down what we want and we'll be talking to each other the whole time.

3. i am officially a sellout. i used to be quite persistent on not going to Starbucks often cos what it is is overpriced coffee. but by the time we went to Telawi, i was mumbling, let's go Starbucks and we did and we stayed there for over an hour sipping overpriced coffee happily wtf.


okay so the past week i've watched all the X-Men movies and Wolverine has made me get to know myself better. like now i know why when i walk down the streets i'll find one guy hot and another as interesting as taufoo.

1. i like guys who're fuzzy. as in hairy but not like gorilla hairy. y'know, like Wolverine hairy lah. so if i see a guy who's as hairy as Dr. Evil's cat i'd probably not notice him at all lol.

2. i like guys who resemble animals of the canine variety. if you see Din after a few days of not shaving, you will see he resembles a puppy. if you see him a few more days after that, you will see he resembles a stray dog wtf hahaha.

3. i like guys who are um not skinny. skinny, scrawny, thin all cannot. the only boy in my life who i respect absolutely and is a flagpole is JitSiang. everybody else i find it hard to take them seriously hahaha. plus it's difficult to hug and since i've an obsession with my size die lah if my boyfriend is skinnier than me.

4. oh oh and i looove the whole macho-on-the-outside-sweet-and-dorky-on-the-inside-thing. see, this is why Din dreads having me in the same college cos i will destroy his image muahaha.

as you can see, i am such a deep person wtf.


today, i officially handed in my resignation. my boss came skipping up to me (okay lah he didn't he stomps most of the time) and asked, 'you're going back to school ah?' with the biggest smile on his face i've seen since i started working here i think he's damn glad i'm leaving fml. ah well his loss and it's not my fault everytime he passes me stuff i've typed with corrections and i can't read his squiggly handwriting so i end up just making new mistakes hahaha.

so in the past 2 months i've tasted 'working life' and i've learned :

1. nobody reads your Sijil Berhenti Sekolah - the one with your attendance - they only look at your SPM results slip. by the time they reach that useless piece of shit that used to scare me (cos i skipped over 2 months of school ehehe) in my book of certs, they're too impressed already hahaha. so kids who are still stuck at school, if you feel school is only stifling your academic brilliance just skip school and study at home lah.

2. i am the loner. and it is the best one to be! on my first day, my superior asked me to have lunch with the other colleagues and i said no thankyou it's okay and i've been having lunch alone everyday since and it's reeally good to have the place all quiet to unwind. plus i'd rather watch TV on the computer than talk to anyone lol wah damn antisocial but no big deal lah i'm the youngest one and the first day i stepped in with my nose piercing they looked at me like i tattooed Spongebob on my face okay.

3. to keep my eyes only on the computer screen. see, there's this guy in the office whose ass is huge. and not good huge. it's like how when a skinny girl gets breast implants waaay too big for her body except this one is in the ass. and this guy tucks his shirt in his pants. so memang i already know it's big but one time he was wearing these awful pants that made his ass look lumpy. so i looked lah. and he turned around and i think he saw cos from always being surly emo whenever i ask him something now he always smiles at me haih nice one Esther.

4. to never ever eat what everyone else is eating. i can so see why people gain weight during their 20's cos everyone eats rice and fast food and the root of all evil - nasi lemak.

5. being hardworking doesn't get you much except your boss not hating you. cos there are a few people here who you can see they're soo into their work but for some reason they aren't that alert they always make mistakes and end up taking even longer to rectify them.

i haven't been stressed in like 6 months. SPM seriously screwed me up. once i remember being at Derrick's and i didn't want to go home but i did anyway cos it was 6 and it wouldn't be safe to take a cab when it was dark. once i got home, i opened my Sejarah book cos i knew i had to study but i couldn't and i just started bawling like a baby cos i wanted to be anywhere but home cos when i'm at home, i've to study.

woo was crazy stressful, feeling so trapped. but now i'm gonna go back to that and it's scaring meeee.

ah well. no choice anyway. i chose this so gonna give it my all. okay finish crapping already. i'm a little late but good luck to everyone who's facing finals ;)

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