Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The One With The Call, The Package & The Virtual People

The Virtual People :

my computer's fixed! i can play my Sims 2 again! do my bidding, my minions!

The Package :

the necklaces from Korea have arrived! *flaps arms excitedly*

The Call :

yesterday, i called Sunway to bug them about the scholarship i applied for (hello hello interview when ah). the very nice woman said she'll call me back cos she was busy. i was sure she wasn't gonna call back and i knew i was doomed to be stupid for the rest of my life. but she did call. and she told me Nanyang was gonna send me a letter offering me the scholarship. i was like, what! but i haven't gone for an interview yet! she said, no there's no interview i can see you are really keen (desperate) as you've called many times. she laughed.


i'm absolutely over the whole 'slacker course' perception everyone has cos Karven has gone into ICPU and she's turning out to be a fine young woman wtf haha okay not exactly she's actually a boy (have you seen her show the inside of her mouth when it's full?) gahaha just kidding let's go bum this Saturday (your very last free Saturday O.O) lol but it's definitely the kind of course i can see myself thriving in, given how i nearly died from Malaysian education where you just memorize your books. i'm a little terrified though. ISUs sound shitcrazyhard.

i'm a bit emo they don't have Challenge and Change at Sunway but Advanced Functions! i'm suppose to want to be a psychologist (at this point i'm confused so i dunno what i want and please nobody talk to me about accounting) but i'm getting excited over my math subjects.

gawdsohappy. i shan't go on here i shall tell everything in painful detail (actually only one detail left worth telling) on Friday with JAKE and Jits and KarHeng.

g'bye you beautiful people :D :D :D

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