Thursday, April 09, 2009

The One With That Leather Couch

i! am! gonna be! switching jobs!

finally i'm leaving the one at my mom's office. it was fun and all skipping whenever i wanted, but the money wasn't good. at least not good enough for the goal i've set for myself ;) so new job starts Wednesday and the good points are :

1. it's close to home - in Danau Desa.
2. rich company - architecture firm, just expanded and fat leather couch right at the entrance with IKEA-ish furniture everywhere else.
3. it's small so i'd probably have to see a maximum of 5 faces a day - hallelujah!

i'm not sure what the bad points are but i've been thinking 'bout the worst that could happen so hopefully it's nothing close. i reeaally don't want another job that makes me sad the second i wake up in the morning. the job at the fancy loft 2 years ago (the one with a kitchen that could feed Cambodia, toilet that was sparkly enough to blind me, and everything else that was plain awesome) sucked so bad. imagine - imported chocolate and about a dozen different caffeine fixes didn't make up for how stressful it was. phew.

hopefully this one is nothing like that. fingers crossed.


Disclaimer : Not An Advert. Not That I'd Ever Be Asked To Do One Heh.

about a month ago, the Butthead and i have started shopping for imported stuff online cos seriously - it's very hard to find good stuff here. so i've had this thing for necklaces with quirky pendants for a while now and everytime i come across a really nice one, it costs alot. like at least RM40. now the same way i figured how to buy the clothes those girls sell for a 100% more than the original price on most blogshops, i was determined to find the source of where these seemingly similiar necklaces all come from.

then one night after alot of browsing, i found it! - :D

it's actually a Korean site (i found it cos blogshops in Malaysia used pictures from the site itself and the link was watermarked on it), but the Korean one doesn't do overseas orders.

i was damn happy lah when they sent me the link to the Chinese one but there was one other problem : they don't do retail sales, only wholesale which made me so frustrated. plus the site is in chinese and Jitsiang was still in NS so i just clicked this clicked that till i found the necklaces T.T these are a few of the ones i was mourning over (damn nice gaaah) :

then last last week when i didn't have to work all week (boss went to Bangkok huhu), i surfed till my eyes hurt trying to find a blogshop that did pre-order sprees from that site. i stumbled on this one Singaporean blogshop where they had a section for feedback & suggestions. so i just sent them an email 'bout the site and a few days of email bantering, wham! they started a spree on it! if you go to their blogshop - Minisprees - the post on the pre-order Korean necklaces it says thanks to Estherr. :D

this has got to be one of the best blogshops i've come across, they're friendly and professional and so keen on feedback. i really thought i was never gonna get my hands on those necklaces unless i ask someone who's Korean to get it to me when they go back. the prices aren't crazy either, if you convert from SGD to MYR, it's about RM20-RM25 a piece. i'm a real prude but i know that it's worth it since probably no one else around would be wearing the same thing as me.

but! hahaw! i'll be getting my hands on 'em by May! can't wait can't wait huhu oh by the way, if any of you like would like to order but you're not very sure since the stuff is gonna be mailed from China then to Singapore then only KL - you can order with me. i'm not selling btw, so if you're ordering with me it just means your order will be with mine - no hidden/extra charges. oh but only if i like you muahaha.

and i'd be able to get you a little something extra *winkwinkwtf* lol.

but whatever i'm buying is nothing compared to the Butthead. he's spent over a thousand so far. and me? not even a hundred yet. not even when i saw sprees for stuff from WetSeal (they ran out of my size for what i wanted) and Alloy (damn shit expensive). lol men. but i think he's woken up a bit after how i keep going, 'i bought a shirt today! and it actually fits me! guess how much? 13 bucks! oh i bought a new top today! guess how much! 10 bucks!'

and quality is fine lah not that it matters much cos i know myself, i wear most of my nicer clothes like 4 times max. after that if you still me wearing the same thing, it means i like you enough to be myself around you :) or i just don't really care that i look like crap when i'm with you gahaha just kidding. especially since Veena has seen me the most in the past two years in repeats.

ending this post now. i've got no work tomorrow so Will&Grace marathon all night! g'night all. :)

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