Saturday, December 06, 2008

The One With A Plug-In Koi Pond

It's officially only my 4th day as a full-time bum and i'm already restless from doing things i like all day long. I got my Sims 2 expansion packs to work and i played till 4 in the morning that same night and the next day i was bored with it already. I've finished one book but probably because it's Meg Cabot, everything she writes sounds like stuff going in my head so it's like just thinking for me. I thought Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants'd be good since the movie is pretty good and the books are always better than the movies. Or so i thought. I'm returning it on Tuesday and i'm just gonna read however much i can till then cos it's so draggy and long-winded and not funny at all.

So yesterday, i felt bad for not bothering to go job-hunting after exams are over. I was frantically checking everyday before my last few SPM papers and now with no stress at all, it's almost as if i don't function anymore. I flipped through the papers and looked for easy stuff to do. I saw alot of ads for kindergarten teachers but they're all so far away so i went to data entry instead. It's basically just typing stuff they give you. I did it before for my mom's friend and it's really easy 'cept you've to do alot to get the kinda money you'd get being a waitress, sales assistant, etc. But you get to do it whenever you want and wherever you want lah.

So i called the number this ad gave and was told they'd be having interviews tomorrow (Saturday) and they gave me the address.

Then the next day i went with my Mom and it was in this building in town (really depressing and old). When we came out of the elevator, the hallway was like an apartment's 'cept in an office building and we found the unit number they gave us - my mom peeked in, looked at me and pursed her lips and told me to go.

The place was small and i tried not to scrunch my face at well - everything. I've been into tiny offices where the furniture are like 10 years old but this place was plain unpresentable. My mom clearly had the same thoughts going through her head. She told me to make sure to ask what is it they do exactly. This Malay woman who put on what seemed like toothpaste as foundation (frickin' white like a geisha except in a bad way) saw me and asked me if i'm here for the interview, i said yes, she told me to fill up some forms, i did so with my Mom next to me then passed it back. I noticed there were alot of people. Well alot to fill up that tiny office anyway. Like 9 people.

I waited for so long and in the mean time my Mom was planting all sorts of horrors into my head. 'Don't let them touch you they might use black magic and brainwash you' O.O and it was downhill from there cos i started thinking, SHIT what if they jampi me SHIT what if i get raped SHIT what if they brainwash me so i'll go back to them after the interview and then they cut me open and sell my organs in the black market - so it was pretty painful waiting there with all sorts of images popping up in my head.

And i was thinking, i know it's rude to keep your cellphone on and to hold it during an interview but this place looks so crappy i doubt they actually care. So i typed this out -


- to send to Veena, Jun-Elle, Kar Heng and Din. Just in case the person interviewing me locks the door and starts chanting to sacrifice me to demons or something. I was gonna send to Jit Siang also but he probably wouldn't believe me anyway T.T Yes i've got a very vivid imagination but you can never be too safe okay. Literally never.

Then Toothpaste Foundation Lady called me in. And she started speaking really fast in BM like she was in a commercial. I was like zomg is she trained to say all this or something. So it was simple stuff at first, explaining that they're just the middleman getting paperwork done for their clients, one assignment is about 100 pages long, you've to do a minimum of four a month, etc. Then she said, '- hanya perlu bayar RM163 untuk kos blablablabla untuk seumur hidup -'

*smacks forehead*

God that must be the oldest trick in the book. The pay-us-to-work-for-us trick. I felt silly that i thought they were gonna murder me. So when she finally paused to ask if i was interested (by that she means paying her on the spot), i laughed and said no and left. My interview was over in 5 minutes.

Earlier there was this Chinese girl who came out and she was like, 'call saya ya!' all eagerly when i was still waiting for my turn. Pretty sad that she couldn't spot a dumbass scam like that. Mom was saying the office is probably so ugly and empty cos they're gonna run after they've gotten people's money.

Sigh back to drawing board. But i think i'll just keep looking for something to do in January instead. After practically 4 years in a row of no real school holidays, i think one month wouldn't hurt me. Oh and Sims 2 University is so fun! (it was the first day i installed it anyway) You can pick majors and do stuff like run around naked and join a sorrority!

I can't wait till Tuesday. =D I shan't say how i'm gonna risk deforming a part of my face (just in case i chicken out) but i can't wait. Huhuhu can't wait. G'night everyone.

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