Thursday, December 04, 2008

The One With Fertilizer Pills

They're very much like long, delicate strands of melted cheese. Like when you pull a fresh piece of pizza out of the box and a string of cheese just hangs on, stretching itself so far sometimes you have to bite it off. Very fragile, but you don't know how far you'd have to run or how hard you'd have to pull before it just splits soundlessly. Most of us of course, we choose to have as many of these little cheese strands linking us to others as possible. Sometimes it even seems like the one with the most is deemed better than the rest.

Once i used to have alot of these little strands tied to me, and i was very proud of it. And even more proud than i can withstand all the pulling and demand from the owners of said strands. It felt strangely good to be needed. The strands were made out of all sorts of cheese. There were the common ones, cheddar and mozzarella and etc, then there are the more expensive ones like the Muenster and Harvati that require you to earn your link to its owner.

You keep the common ones around because they're easy to be around. The pricier ones are inevitably for you to flaunt, despite how you'd say you truly treasure them and they're honestly nothing out of the ordinary. They require more attention but all the brown-nosing and schmoozing can really pay off.

Fresh cheese strands were the best. They're all new and smooth and it gave us an ego boost, even though we hide our delight and try to pretend it's nothing that we've added yet another to our little collection. Over time you'll notice the remaining strands will have alot of clumps in between. These are when you pull too hard or run too far and the strands break but still make an effort to mend the broken ends. Then there are those loose strands that don't connect to anyone, they just hang there to remind us of what we chose to leave behind. These happen very often.

Either one of you walked so far without looking back and ignoring all the pleas of the other trying to salvage whatever that's left or both of you did it as it was mutual that whatever remnants you have - just isn't worth saving. I'm guilty of having done the former many times. It's weird that some of these strands have to stretch across the globe and are able to survive yet the ones whose owners are so close by are the ones i choose to cut.

But some of us really are too different for another. One person's mozzarella can be another's limburger.

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