Sunday, December 14, 2008

The One With Mutated Oranges

=D =D =D

I'm so absolutely happy with my job but i'm really scared that i might jinx it by saying it out loud cos that's how good stuff always turn out for me. It's like in the beginning you love it so much then it turns its back on you and bites you in the nose. Oh speaking of nose, i pierced my nose on Thursday! (wth damn shameless) And the Butthead is back from Langkawi so he'll officially be the first person to see my deformed button nose. Actually i was wrong 'bout it not hurting cos it hurts like crazy whenever i accidently pull it out too far (to turn it) and i've to push it back in. It's like pushing a thick needle through a fresh, bleeding wound (ehehe Veena are you cringing).

Okay so back to jinxing the awesomeness of my job, i shall talk about how awesome it is opposite-ly so as to not jinx it. So from here onwards, forget i said my job is awesome.

I completely despise my job. No no, i LOATHE it! It is the worst job i've ever had! Everything is so boring and dull and the people are even worse! They are so emo and quiet all the time! And the customers! All uneducated cows! Can't pronounce anything properly! And the bar manager is so mean, he doesn't teach me anything at all!

Eh shit i feel damn bad very hard to fake it. Okay fine since i've had 3 wonderful days working, i shall risk the rest by talking about it unopposite-ly.

You know, you'd think i'd prefer an office job in a super luxurious customized loft like last year. And it wasn't hard work, it wasn't that different from Secretary work plus the fridge is stocked with chocolates and yadayada but no - bartending at W.I.P. is a bajillion times better. I'm not showing off, just really want the rest of you to never wrinkle your nose at a job in the F&B industry like how i used to. Of course if i worked in the kitchen i doubt i'd be this happy lah but seriously, a job in a fancy restaurant (not the kind where it's so silent that you can hear every clink of forks and knives against plates) is so worth it.

Earlier the bar manager, Heri, came up to me and asked, 'do you want to see lizard eggs?'

'Yer no!' said i. Then he opened his palm and there were two M&M's in his hand. -.-

*Sigh* honestly didn't expect to like this job so much. I've to stand for 4-5 hours straight every shift but i don't mind at all nor do i feel tired. And i only take one toilet break every shift cos i'm always on the lookout for orders of drinks i can make lol damn kiasu.

And after my third mojito, Irfan was like, 'now you can tell your boypren you can make mojito!' Lol erm actually the day before when i could only make half a mojito i already told the Butthead i could make it wtf.

Okay gonna go sleep now, sweet nightmares everybody.

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