Saturday, December 13, 2008

The One With Curly-Haired Stud

Things I've Learned Today :

1. Jun-Elle was right, you know Khalil is kidding when you laugh then he laughs.
2. Khalil may be skinny, but he can squish the daylights out of a girl.
3. Sometimes when i think they're asking for 'vodka',they're really asking for 'vater'.
4. Everytime someone asks me where i'm from and i say, 'here', i must remember to add in the fact that my BM is lousy cos otherwise they'd ask me to translate stuff like 'kecoh lah you' and i can only come up with 'stupid lah you' lol wtf.
5. 'Compared to Elle, you are shy'. Wth i'm trying very hard okay today i sat with two girls whose names i don't know cos Heri forced to go sit down and said i cannot hide behind the bar during dinner and inhale all the smoke from their cigarettes.
6. Don't let the customer see my eyebrows shoot up whenever they ask me for something i don't know how to make.
7. And ask Khalil to do it instead.
8. I am to never ever wash the beer glasses with soap.
9. How to make an Apple Mint and a Shirley Temple.
10. Zomg Indian customers are the best, they're funny and nice and even funnier once they're tipsy.
11. I'm allowed to make coffee with the gourmet coffee behind the bar huhuhu T.T but not all the time.
12. Bartending is seriously the best job a single girl can have. So yea i can't reap the benefits that come with it but i can't even if i weren't taken cos i look so tiny next to the guys and when i wanna get around fast, i skip. So really i just look like a 6-year-old who's accompanying her daddy on a Bring-Your-Kids-To-Work Day.
13. It's okay to touch a customer's tummy lol hahaha i saw one of the waitresses asking a customer why didn't he finish his pizza then he said something like he didn't want to eat so much cos he's fat then she patted his tummy and said, 'no laaah' haha.
14. All the magic tricks the bartenders use to entertain the customers huhu i'm very proud i went through the props and figured out how to do everything.
15. One of the managers' name is Magic. No seriously.
16. When the customers ask you to dance, you've to escape to the back fast enough otherwise you'd have to do the Macarena or YMCA. Unless you're Michael, who boogies the whole night long.
17. Everytime they teach me something new, remember to check the menu just to see the name of what i've learned. Cos i realized when Khalil said 'Boost', i heard 'Goose' and when Irfan said 'Bubbly Mango', i heard 'Barbie Mango' lol.
18. I owe Jun-Elle big time for getting this job for me. Thankyou Wonks. =)

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