Friday, September 05, 2008

The One With The Alienated Week

Okay i may not be able to finish the Farewell post but at the very least i'll upgrade-my-blood with something.

Last weekend was probably one of the most painful i've had (with all the pain centralized around my head) before i got sick (on my birthday somemore) i remember that Wednesday i was caught in the rain and i was walking just moderately fast not caring to run like the wind (haha wth) and i remember at that exact moment i was thinking, i should run faster might get a flu and trials is next next week. Then, aiyah nevermind la sick only what get to skip school with note from doctor somemore.

So i bet Jesus wanted to teach me a lesson and i got sick - on my birthday. I remember waking up feeling funny but it's-my-birthdaayyy! thoughts kinda just thumped it. Then when i got up from chatting with Brian (he's turning 20 tomorrow!) i felt all weak and like as if all the veins on my forehead were beatboxing and that's when it hit me i had a fever.

It sucked to be sick. But the Butthead accompanied me since he was sick too, but his started before mine and very much more dahsyat (vomitting in the middle of the night and he hardly ate, which is a big deal cos compared to me he eats like the fattest boy in the world) so smses during those few days were like, 'did you get the cold sweat thing?' and 'what medicine did the doctor give you for your headache? the white capsuley one?' and 'no appetite huhuhu T.T'

And since i've recovered i haven't been myself. I don't want to drink tea or eat muffins it's like as if my soul got murdered by the antibiotics cos this is so not Esther T.T

The other day i went to school without any breakfast and i didn't care when usually i'm all, 'wth skip breakfast! late also don't care must have caffiene and muffin!'

So from here onwards i'm on a journey to find myself cos evidently i lost it somewhere between the fever and coughing like an old man. We girlies watched Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging last night and i liked it (eventhough i fell asleep halfway) but i do-not-recommend it if you can't stand seeing an ugly lead around gorgeous guys.

To illustrate how badly the casting director picked the lead - the part when the girl kissed the super gahgahgah (lol Karven) hot guy she was after came, we all screamed in pain, 'YOU DON'T DESERVE HIM!'/'AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!'/'NOOOOO!!'/'AAAAAAAAAHHHHH!' *picks up stool and throws at TV screen*

Yea. We no likey the nose-flaring girl (she flares her nose at everything! get a grip of your nose lah haijoh). Okay i'm gonna go try looking for the movie cos i missed the end. Wish me luck Karven and Jun-Elle said she gets the hot guy in the end (the horror!).

Bubyee. =)

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