Friday, August 22, 2008

The One Where I'm Pretending To Study (Again)

So i woke up this morning. Okay more like noon. Then of course plugged my best friend in and as he was getting up (he's a he cos he's all black and silver) i waddled off to get fuel (tea) and came back and started crawling round cyberspace when i stumbled upon this.

blog readability test

Basically you type in your blog URL and they check to see your blog readability - 'what level of education is required to understand your blog'. So i was pretty proud of meself when i got the above. Then i was like, hey why not check other people's blog readability? So naturally i picked the most dense person i (and probably Karven) know and the result was -

*drum roll!*

- 'Genius'. Wait - don't rejoice thinking it means the blogger is a genius. It's more like cos the blogger hardly ever makes sense so it takes a genius to decipher what on earth it's trying to say. Alot of the URLs i typed in required just elementary school level so yea that means it's easily understandable. It however..

Okay now back to infecting meself with the nerd bug.

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