Monday, March 17, 2008

The One With Princess Jitty Boo


You've been a wheelie great friend throughout the past 4 years - you're always so nice to me and you always smile at me eventhough i look like i'm about to eat everyone in sight most of the time and you always listen to mee and you crack really HAHAHA jokes that make me guffaw all unladylike like an ape. And you've changed so much since we were kiddos like i used to hate it when people take advantage of how nice you are but now you're really good at preventing that. Plus you can talk horny now! 'Cept you still think sex is ew lah lol.

Eventhough we're gonna lead very different lives - you a unibrowed astronomer/something-to-do-with-science with an attitude, me a therapist specializing in eating disorders while i probably have one myself - you're always gonna have a special spot all for you in my one-day-gonna-conk-out-malnourished heart.

Happy 17th. =)

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