Friday, February 29, 2008

The One With Priorities

Ah that very morning. I remember the daze i was in. At three AM, i'd given up hope that my calls would help the sexsomniac corpse awaken from its hog-like snores. One more time, i told myself. So i dial and it rings. Alas, i'm instructed to leave a voice message.

And with that, i chucked my blue-blobbed cellphone and fell into a deep sleep. Within what felt like minutes, it was time to get up and leave for *groan* school. Like every other morning, i get ready with an orchestra consisting of my mother's screeching and her choice of instrument - the iron - being slammed on its board repeatedly as she complains of how i'm going to die when i've to be on my own during college.

As the hands on the clock moved closer and closer to the moment i've to face my daily doom, i sped up and Mother left first. I quickly rushed to my pile of seemingly harmless paperwork - that's been the source of increased caffeine intake and further transformation into fembot extraordinaire - and grabbed all that i needed.

Interact crap? Check.
Sidang Redaksi crap? Check.
Prefects' crap? Check.
Scouts crap? Check.
Science book with Kikkoman sauce bookmark? Check.

Then water bottle - and out the door i went. It was a breezy morning. Soon i resumed to my usual expression, a mixture of frustration and annoyance as i was about to reach. Eventually we puttered to a halt. I got off and it was only then i realised -

- i forgot to take my schoolbag.


I died of embarrassment having to walk in as though i meant to be only carrying my file and bottle. Like, oh i forgot to bring these so i went back out to get them. Not - oh i remembered these and not my schoolbag. The thing is huge but yet i could zip by and not notice it screaming in all its baby blue glory.

In my defense, at least i've priorities. No matter how screwed up they may be. And it's SPM this year..

Okay back to more YouTubing! Bubyee.

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