Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The One With My Fat Legs

Esther is : having another bad hair day.

Normally, i'd just blink and ponder 'bout it.

'Why'd he/she say that?'

'Are my legs really that hideous?'

'Should i stop wearing shorts?'

But to hell with it i've been suffering from over-obsession with my physical appearance since i was 12 but even that isn't gonna stop me from wearing shorts. Shorts to Esther is like jeans to the Earth. Wouldn't've been as irked if it'd been some other part that got victimised of being ugly. If you know me well enough you'd know the daily torture i put my legs through 50 times repetitively just so they wouldn't jiggle so much T.T

So from there, i turned on the Thinking Train and i've thought a tad too much till my temples were throbbing. Am now feeling guilty. And should be studying but am not.

*Sigh* just 33 minutes to go then i'll be off wake-up call duty. I've a hunch i'm gonna hate college. Guh'night.

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