Saturday, December 15, 2007

The One With No Doughnuts

So it started with a little visit from a princess. His hair is way longer and it makes him look even more skinny. Like always we waved like two kids who're meeting up at the neighbourhood playground - overworking the pearly-whites.

'I know i stink,' he said after a hug. Didn't catch a whiff of anything though lol. Realised he says 'coool' alot now which is very amusing.

After a chat with him, we departed and i waited. Took the 72 then the 88. Read a bit. Was wishing the exhausted princess came. Wasn't fun being seated for what felt like hours looking out the window, making sure i didn't miss my stop again.

Then i arrived. And it just took over. Little reminders were popping up in my head telling me to remember presents for this person that person. Refuelled at the favourite stop for caffeine. Thought 'bout what to get and blew a fuse. But everything fell into place. It was like a date with no awkward silences.

As i was about to leave, i got my bottle of water and walked to the escalator. I looked around and saw a familiar red banner. Then i decided maybe a small token sounds 'bout right for the person who was about to put up with me for the rest of the day. So got the takoyaki and left.

Before entering the mini heaven that'd be robbing me of my money, i took out a napkin and scribbled, 'i'm here.' The delivery man with the blond highlights was scary.


Today started off quite unexpectedly cloudy before seeing Jits. But the busrides, rummaging through racks without parentals hovering behind, seeing teacher (he was there to perform he said hi then told us to go away cos very embarassing haha), saying goodbye to offensive t-shirt and buying shorts from the nice man who'd let me try the pair i wanted in the restroom before paying despite the fact that i could've run off without doing so - fully fixed it.

Guess the list of things that irk and hurt isn't as long as it used to be.

3 weeks till the SPM year begins. Am dead terrified.

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