Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The One With 11 Years Of Bad Haircuts & Binge-ing

I can vaguely remember the first time i'd met her. She was the li'l girl who'd suddenly popped up from somewhere the then 5-year-old me wasn't familiar with and had the largest collection of toys. Within months in kiddie time, we were glued to each other.

She's pretty much a regular when it comes to flashbacks of the times when i was still addicted to Garfield and Kit Kat. All the things we used to do - playing Barbies (our Barbies were international spies and when they weren't busy kicking my Ken doll down south they'd be shopping and eating cake at the cafe they owned), eating like there's no tomorrow (till puberty hit us now we're both terrified of gaining even an ounce of weight), staying over at Luke's and playing nerds, growing out our hair together. =)

One thing different 'bout her is the fact that we can't relate yet we listen to each other better than anybody else can to whatever we want to rant about.

Seems like just yesterday we were sitting in front of her Windows '95 computer playing Sesame Street together. She's growing up so fast. =')

Happy 14th Birthday, Charis =D

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R!zz said...

Tks 4 d bday wish =)..Still remember those days..especially d 1 where u told me there was this man tad has keys 2 every hse n kidnaps lil kids..haha..Cant bliv I fell 4 it =P..lolz..Well,I was only 7..Hmmm..kinda miz d time d 5 of us got 2gether n chat durin camp..Tad was 1 of d bez parts of tad camp..