Monday, December 03, 2007

The One With Interact Conference '07

10 days late on post. Let's see. This was year wasn't as good as last year's. 2006's was way bigger and i'm pretty sure they wouldn't've objected to their interactors dancing. And it wasn't controlled by oldies. But it was good overall. Esther's very happy the girls totally flaunted their stuff and got asked for their numbers by so many boys. =)

Even if some of 'em are creepy.

On the bus.

Krystal is creepy.

No really she is. Halfway through the ride - she couldn't sit still the whole time - she suddenly vooshed her face in front of mine and asked,

'Do you eat alot?'


But it was fun cos she says the randomest things and walks around barefoot.

On the second day with our uniformm.

After breakfast. Saw a few interactors having uniforms similiar to ours with the black shirt and black skirt. Still think we look hotter.

Third day. We (okay more like Veena) had to sit behind the big fan cos she wanted to stalk this guy who looks like a drug addict.

Group twenty-two!

The group i was in this year was ten times better than last year. Our leader was the total opposite of that emo Rotex Mexican he smiled so much like he was on a candid toothpaste commercial and he had to be ready all the time. I missed like 5/6 of the meetings but i still got to play a drug addict in our sketch. =D

With Mabel - the girl who likes people dying in her script.

On the 25th.

Was really nice hearing the little hooded ones complain 'bout missing Penang. Glad we all had fun. =)

PS : Esther still owes the nine of you 20 cents.

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