Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The One With Blissful Overcaffeination

I have too much free time. It's not actually really free time. It's time i'm supposed to use to catch up on sleep but i don't. Partly because it feels weird not spending at least 6 hours on the computer and the other part's cos i have been informed that me replying smses quickly helps DJ Technofly (not guilty for this one heehee) stay awake to nerd.

Sigh everyday's the same now. Not that i mind, i get to flip through interior design magazines everyday (Nick, i think i'm gonna steal one for you if i'm gutsy enough - or Shandy-ed - on my last day lol) And i've forgotten what my friends look like. =(

Oh and there're lots of random things that happen everyday but there's no Karven to sms. Like, 'Omg Karven the guy next to me burped 4 times in a row SO gross!' (he really did) or 'Omg Karven i just sat down where there wasn't a chair but luckily everyone's out for lunch so no one saw hehe.'

Karven is gone, Jun is all jittery (and a little bigheaded i presume hehe), Veena is bed-ridden, Jits is working at Sushi King, Kar Heng is gay and Nick is erm - not.

Wow it's really been ages don't even know whether most of 'em are alive or not.

Okay forcing self to nap now. Earl grey+coffee later have to stay up cos i didn't order pizza or bring chocolates or tutor.

PS : Has anybody made parfait before? Trying to be less kitchen-illiterate.

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