Monday, November 12, 2007

The One With Stockings & Trumpet Skirts


So today was the interview. Left home at 12.30. Cabbed to drop off flagging cheesetarts. Cabbed again to the place of the interview. Was 40 mins early. Went to Daisy's mom's cafe and shot self to closer chances of getting diabetes with tea. Went up steps. Put Nick's number on speed dial (he's supposed to save me if i got into any trouble but doubt he even read my smses till after the interview). Entered, greeted by Lady In Red. Ushered me into meeting room. Filled up forms.

My mom told me i should lie about my family background just in case cos we don't have a male in the house so the guy might take advantage of that - so Nick's my brother. And i accidently put Jun's number next to 'spouse'. Lady In Red came in, sat down, talked to me, asked me questions. Then she dished out the deal breaker, they wanted someone who'd work till next year but she said i can - just that it'd be during weekends.

Only one thing popped up in my head - the black, white and gold.

So i said thank you and left.

Came home, slept, woke up to Butthead's giggling that the flagging cheesetarts are funny. We were both suffering - him from SPM, me from PMS - so i was behaving like any other POPped female and he was very Homer. Then then. Mom called.

'Hello? Sleeping ah?'
'You got the job!'
'Really?' (was pretending to be excited cos i finally get to do something other than rapidly morph into Homer myself)
'Yep. I'm not sure about how long but you start tomorrow, 9am.'
'So early?!'
'She's agreed to give you a good sum...' (may i point out that throughout this and most conversations, my mom speaks with a melody for every sentence)
'How much?!'
'Hehe..' (but it gets annoying when she corks up the suspense just to torture you)
'How much lah?'
'RM$ per hour.'

Okay it might be like sawdust to most but it's more than the usual RM4 per hour so i'm gonna be thankful. Plus it's close to home, i end at around 7 - 8pm, pay zilch for transportation and the best part - no dumb people.

Seriously after working for Pizza Hut, you'd be surprised how many dumb people are on the loose. I'm not even being mean ok calling them dumb is giving them credit. They answer in grunts and when you ask to clarify if it's a yes or no grunt, they just grunt again. It's like taking down an order from an ape.

The worst are the aunties. And the perverts (male and female). Once i got a call from a woman who was asking me all these weird questions. Like where do i live. Where am i now. Am i a Christian. Can i deliver her order to her doorstep. I hung up when she asked if she could bite something that definitely wasn't food.

Anyway, today's the last day i get to bum so gonna bum the rest of the 24 hours away. Toodles.


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