Friday, November 16, 2007

The One With Papercuts Of Ecstasy

I think i died - and went to heaven. Because...


When i first walked in, i was like, 'Whoaaa'. Because from the entrance, it looked like one of those big ass penthouses celebs live in. No not local ones i mean Hollywood ones (when would i ever compare anything to anything Malaysian anway). Then Ms. Lau told me she needed to talk to me first about everything - working hours, lunchtime, medical benefits (i can get antibiotics and panadol for free woohoo) and the $$$ (hehehe).

So when she finished inside i was like, 'Oh my God oh my God!' because i'm getting the treatment an adult gets and i'm just a 16-year-old who's suffering from butt size pressure (i dunno what to do about it really T.T he keeps saying it's humongous T.T) but yet i'm given the privilege of exploiting my employers for free meds.

Then - she started showing me around the place.

Note : here's when i officially died.

The whole place is amazing, you can't wear shoes in cos it's so fancy that no shoe is deemed worthy enough to make its soleprints on the floor. Everything's really mod but not like all-white mod. Like like IKEA mod. The ladies' restroom has a huge sink with paper towels and tissue and gossip magazines (note note : NOT local!). They have a built-in microwave oven and TWO ovens (i dunno why). The whole meeting room is made out of glass - including the floor.

And here's where i found Heaven : the kitchen.

T.T Jesus what did i ever do to deserve this now everyday i feel guilty when i go to work cos everytime nature calls i've to walk pass the kitchen and i'll be like, 'What did i ever do to deserve this?'

They have ice-cream (5 boxes to be exact), chocolates (again, NOTHING local! Wow i really hate my own country lol) like Milkyway, Bounty, Toblerone and some funny names i can't pronounce, peanut butter, peanut butter cookies, other cookies i didn't really pay attention to, 4 different types of coffee (as far as i've ransacked), green tea and 5 other types of tea, fruits, Redoxon (lol i steal that from them everyday), sodas, noodles, etc.

Tell me - just how many bosses care about their employees that much? Geez when i worked for Pizza Hut all we got was a vending machine that had expired junkfood.

There're three partners in the business so three bosses and the nicest one was so nice he actually called me across the office (which is just like a huge room so when i sneeze everyone hears me) and brought me to the pantry and said i can help myself to everything.

And and he cut paper for me (cos it was my first day and mine kept coming out ugly), opened the window for me in the kitchen cos 'it's stuffy' when it's actually fine, answers calls for me when i'm abusing the photostat machine (i've to answer calls only from smart people this time woohoo) and he calls me by my name when the other two bosses still just points at me.

Oh and today it was one of the designers' birthday and he bought two cakes and a bouquet of flowers for her! Where to find a boss like this tell me!

Basically my job is to answer calls, make copies of faxes for the psychoboss (she's younger than my mother and she looks 50 and it's supposedly all cos she throws alot of tantrums), check who's at the door and let them in (i've access to the CCTV so i get to spy on everyone hehe) and type simple stuff like lists, transmittals and labels.

First day was hard i was like whatting to myself alot cos people kept using foreign-to-Esther words but by yesterday it all smoothed over i actually did 3 hours of add math and fed Ah-Munna-Eat-Choo so much that i could memorise items in the whole fluffshop.

Now i'm just scared they'd fire me cos i do almost nothing there. But when there is something, i've to rush like crazy.

I think i got used to it fast cos it feels exactly like how Sharon used to tell me to do secretary work. Everyday feels like another DG Meeting file. Sigh so blissful.

Okay gonna go catch up on sleep had no idea working in an office would be tiring so bubyee and Jit Siang, i earn close to what you would if you work at Sushi King.

Bubyee. =)

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