Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The One With Two For The Manly Man Please

I'm gonna cry. Okay no i'm lying - i'm bawling like a baby right now. I basically have nothing to say cos i'm so speechless but i heart Nicholas Canlas-Wong like as much as i love shandy! Eventhough i haven't touched shandy in months! Cos it makes me bloated and i feel all heavy and puffy! But that's not the point!

He's voluntarily buying two of our Interact Club shirts. To help out with the sales and cos he said he always has two of all his fave shirts and he hasn't even really seen one yet and he's calling it his favourite shirt how can you not love someone like that?? T.T

Oh right and i'd like to use this opportunity to restore his mental health - i think Nick is the manliest man ever and not gay in any way despite the um thing you do with an oven and building houses for his hamsters. And he's single and available. =D

Oh wait no he said he's complicated. No worries girls he's just playing hard to get! That's how our Nicky boy rolls yea baby.

Thank you, cous. Really. I not-just-generated-but-peeled-and-cubed-and-deep-fried-too potato ya.

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