Thursday, July 05, 2007

The One With RM4.90

Todaay today. Gosh where do i even begin? K i'm gonna go aunty mode and make everything long-winded.

Walked into school with Veena this morn. Couldn't say anything cos at this point my voice was breaking more than i was able to talk so it seemed pointless since i sounded like a human siren.

Signed in, answered questions with hand gestures, The Daddy gave me this weird questioning look which i replied with a what what? nod. He beckoned me over & whispered that the PKBP guy who follows him everywhere wanted to be friends with me. He was right there. I couldn't talk so i told Daddy to tell him i didn't have my voice so i couldn't say anything.

Stayed back after pathway duty for prefects. Teacher announced the posts we're gonna be on probation for.

I got the nashtay-est post! XD

At first i didn't even know what i got until Audrey smiled at me. Then i understood. Yay now if i ever get mood swings i just have to find a lousy prefect then explode at him/her. Way better than any amount of Advil. =D

Daddy's Head Prefect, Jitty's gonna be taking over Bionic Woman's post, Veena is the next Secretary Woman, Jun's in charge of holding all our moolah & Kar's gonna be our lioness.

4MPV guys are beginning to be too much. Must say you love them only they'll go line up. But i didn't lah cos they can line up in the toilet for all i care.

Tuition was a blurr. Here's where i froze over and officially got sick. I had teacher's box of tissues next to me and somehow i'd infected Andrew too so we were both sniffing like nobody's business and it irritated Bubbles alot heehee. I sneezed so much till my nose is now in a pretty shade of red.

And apparently i've gotten the femininity back in my voice. Just that now i sound like an 'annoying girl'. I think i prefer sounding mannish.

Might have to skip school tomorrow. Didn't wanna miss my first day of probation but i think Audrey wouldn't like me cutting everything she has to say with my achoos.


Tuh-Do List
  1. Dokumentasi
  2. School photos
  3. Intra-school volleyball competition letter
  4. PIBG photos
  5. Accounts leftovers


I want to play a game with you.

This is how it's gonna be. No easy escapes. No relying on others. No chickening out. This hasn't been done before - but it's about time you're all thrown into the lion's den. It works like this - i force you in, you're left alone with the ravenous beast, you can run and hide - for awhile - but eventually it will get you, it will tear you apart, it will make you realise just how different it is watching from the audience.

But i don't care how hard you try to survive or how wounded you get. It's about how fast you recover, and how well.

Let the game begin.

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veena toothbrushes said...

aaaaaahhhhhhhh! I love the ending. Let the game begin. priceless.