Friday, June 01, 2007

The One With A List : Dilly-Dally Things I Do

Watch ANTM. There is like no ultimate antidote to my blinkless stares once the theme song hits my ears. I watch it before i go to school sometimes and that's usually when there's no tick next to my name cos i'd definitely be late.

Look in the mirror. How is any girl supposed to pull herself from a mirror anyway?

Eat. I have this fear of eating out cos i might lose control and eat fast food (which i often do because i just can't stand up to the power of burgars) so i tend to force myself to eat some rabbit food before leaving the house. And i eat slow lah.

Read FEMALE. Yes, i do love CLEO alot more but i read FEMALE for the pics and once i get fixated on one photo, i'd analyse it from head-to-toe.

Dance. You won't believe how annoying it is to get that BAM! groove right before having to go out because you'd totally want to let it all out but then you can't. And it's always when i'm short of time. Like today i had like 15mins to get ready for tuition (i usually take an hour more) and halfway bustin' my moves i rammed my knuckles onto my desk and there's a bruise there now. It's covered with a leopardprint plaster now so i'm not complaining.

Brush my eyelashes. I know my comb is no mascara but i just do it for the heck of it. And at some point i think i find it very thrilling trying to keep the comb's teeth from jabbing my eyes.

Fiddle with my hair. This is the ultimatum. I redo my hair like 50 times before i'm satisfied with it. And that's given a good hair day.

Sms-ing. This takes up more time than you can imagine cos my brain dies on my every few mins as it's weird for me to have to tailor my sentences according to each individual. Some cannot be too nice, some cannot be too cold, some must not layan.

Exercise. Okay my exercise consists of just 200 sit-ups and 50 squats daily and these two take up like an hour. The Babysitter thinks i do more than i say but the truth is that when i exercise - i'm in pain. Make no mistake the squats seem fatal despite daily repetition. I always turn on some sitcom to divert my attention away from the ouches and that's why it takes longer. I usually end up watching the whole episode and tadah - i'm late again.

Naps. They call 'em power naps. I say that i take power naps. And i never fail to be late after each 'power nap' cos they turn into long, couch potato snoozes.

The Wonky is very much missed. Why do interesting things happen when the chatterbox of the quadros isn't around?

Haih. Rawr.

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