Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The One With My Fiery Nostrils

My nose is on fire. Like, literally.

..okay fine - metamorphically. I went for tuition with Veena yesterday and i haven't talked that much since God knows when. Despite my sneezing i managed to stay conscious to hear about the party she went to the night before.

Thursday is our Movie Marathon night. It won't be much of a marathon lah cos there's only three of us, cupcakes and junkfood plus yours truly conks out after all the sugar sinks in her bloodstream (which is like, super quick). Wish Jun were here lah. She'd smack me with pillows to keep me awake.

My monthaversary was very.....eventful.

I didn't think my gift would make the Babysitter so ecstatic but lol it did and i'm glad that 7am walk on the first day of hols was worth it. I officially dub Cineleisure as the best place ever for movie dates and my thought-to-be-long-gone-crush on Orlando Bloom is back hehe. Still remember the days when Wonks and i used to smugly answer to 'eh who you like??' questions with, 'Orlando Bloom.'

We used to think it was so cool till we realised it was kinda pathetic cos he was never gonna meet neither of us. And that's when we moved on to real boys. Can't say it was an easy transaction though. Boys in movies & books seem to be alot smarter =P

Alright this is a dead end post as my title pretty much sums up how awesome my day's been going so..


PS : Nicholas Canlas-Wong makes the best homemade cookies ever.

*hint hint* gimme more.

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