Saturday, July 11, 2009

The One With Biceps For Sho At The End Of The Semester

First Day

walked around aimlessly cos i arrived an hour early. not cos i'm an eager loser, but because Big Lump's class starts at 8 while orientation only starts at 9. skipped 3/4 of orientation cos was scared to have to eat alone so went to eat with Big Lump and his friends T.T

after lunch, went for English Placement Test. then went home.

Second Day

CIMP orientation. kept an eye out for potential lecturers. hottest lecturers were the ones teaching Individuals & Families hehe. plagiarism was mentioned often. basically, we're not allowed to copy and paste stuff off the net and present it as work of our own. i can think of a handful of people i know who effing needs this bashed into their heads.

Third Day

got timetable. was happy cos i got Eng4U. regretted it soon enough when our lecturer told us we're gonna be doing Hamlet and we'll have to pick a classic and do a thesis on it for our ISU. hence, Dorian Gray is on my reading list cos i wanna do my thesis on it but he said many students struggle when they choose that novel. if it's really too hard then i'll switch but as of now, i quite like it.

the characters have a dark, evil feel to them and it's awfully captivating! no idea why i'm so attracted to shit like this. big difference to all the pink, girly stuff i like to read.

Fourth Day

changed timetable. my classes end earlier, start earlier so when i come at 8 i won't have to wait around with nothing to do. but my classes are super far apart so every morning it'll be like cardio back and forth between classes lol. all lecturers for all my classes are now white woohoo.

Fifth Day

spent an hour hunting for Dorian Gray, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (couldn't find it) and Mrs. Dalloway. hid them so Big Lump could use Jason's library card to borrow them.

as of now :

Math : easiest class.
English : most difficult class.
Individuals & Families : class i'm most likely to neglect.

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