Saturday, July 04, 2009

The One Where Somebody Got Her Hair Did!

woo lansiface!

the past two weeks have been really good, mostly cos i kept myself busy everyday till i'm not sure i did what when but i really needed it.

college starts tomorrow! i'm more terrified than excited now and after so many complications to actually get myself into CIMP (and there're still more complications left haih), it feels a little surreal that tomorrow is actually gonna be my first day. at college. where i can study again T.T

it's gonna be alot of pressure on me and it's not just getting the grades (95% average 95% average 95% AVERAGE omg can throw social life away already lah), but other things as well. i'm just gonna jump into it headfirst and hope something good happens later and Din has been a very good babysitter every time bad news pop up. just wish they didn't have to pop up so often. but what doesn't kill you makes you stronger :/

ah and i cut my hair! shortest it's ever been and i look 10 years older but i reeally like it! finally no more hair tickling me chin and i can't curtain my face no more. :D

i shall leave everyone with my current fave video!

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