Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The One With Flooding Phonecalls

you know you've got too much time when :

you've just finished a quarterly budget for all your expenses. and you mean all, even left emergency cash for nose studs cos they fall out so bloody often.

you've stared at your nails for so long you've even counted which ones need touch-ups.

you've checked your email like 8 times today just to hopefully see the reply from the girl who's importing all those necklaces from Korea.

you've thought through all sortsa names for your kids only to clear it all cos you know yourself and you're most likely gonna wind up with someone like your current bf anyway and you know he's gonna want to give alot of stupid names a fair chance.

you've spent hours putting your hand on the computer screen trying to find the best color match for your skintone, cos you're so bored you're shopping for makeup. online.

you've Googled 'famous vampires' and read the longest article you could find. then you proceed to Google 'Nostradamus' cos you thought he was a vampire too wtf.

you've tried loading the newest How I Met Your Mother and it just keeps saying 'temporarily unavailable' and you wanna smash your keyboard. then you look down at your keyboard and think, 'man this keyboard sure is dusty. wonder when was the last time someone's cleaned it. i bet it's never been cleaned. ah who cares i'm not gonna clean it - '

- yea.

the only thing that's comforting is knowing that i'm making 60 bucks a day just rotting here. it's like stealing candy from a baby.

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