Wednesday, May 06, 2009

The One With Bobby Pins

one, i am happy with how my cash stash is growing. well, the stash that's in the form of cheques and whatever's in the bank account.

two, but it sucks when you need RM12, 000 and there's no way getting near that number on your own - by July.


i won't be updating as often as i'd like since the internet at home is gone again grr. luckily i get internet at work so i still get all the TV i need :)

i keep thinking about writing something about MOS last week since it was our first time (yes damn sad) but i can't think of what hasn't been said about clubbing already. you go all dressed up (or for some - hardly dressed at all), drink, dance, and pass out. and it was Butthead's birthday party (should've seen how defensive he was over the bottles he bought lol) but, i don't have pictures. -.- Sharon took a few but cannot go steal from her cos she locked her blog :( anyway here's my take on what basically everyone my age has done but i, being a trueblue (shut up Jun-Elle) nerd hadn't until last Thursday :

1. i ordered a Shirley Temple after making so many at WIP but never tried one and guess what! it tastes like shit. like the pink cough syrup kids get at the doctor's.

2. Jitsiang, i'm sorry don't let me pour you a drink again cos i'm sure it was too much. i did the same for myself like 3 times and look how i ended up. all squeaky and smiling like a dork.

3. everyone whose head i patted - raise your hand.

4. okay list of other stupid things i did (they seemed pretty rational to me. at the time.) :

* screech to be heard. it was very loud okay. and i was happy. so my voice went all high and squeaky lah.

* step on the couch to look for the lesbians. someone said 'lesbians!' and there were alot of people around, so i jumped on the couch to see lah. normal what. oh but i still couldn't see them haih.

* i remember this one a little more cos after i said it, i was met with silence then laughter. i don't think i should say it here. or should i? no lah better not got kiddos around (hi Jitsiang Esther's keeping her blog clean for you, say thankyou). okay lah i replace the bad word with a nicer sounding one. how 'bout fuzz, like warm and fuzzy? okay so Mahzrin said something about fuzzing Din and Din replied (as though daring him), 'come fuzz me lah!' and i screeched, 'NO CAN ONLY FUZZ ME', then closed my eyes and curled into a ball wtf. sigh.

* i punched someone! but this was before anything went down my system. i did it cos he was ignoring someone. and grinding against my boyfriend wtff.

okay that's all. i'm not that much of a failure woo! i remember trying very hard to walk straight cos i didn't want anyone thinking i was 'gone' or whatever.

5. it's very nice to see familiar faces! i saw um one. which was Mei Mei. she was very nice to offer lending her phone for me to call a very, strong tiny person lol. oh speaking of very strong, tiny person - sorry for braiding your hair and whatever other wtf things i was doing T.T wah damn embarrassing thinking about it now.

6. okay, i've read about girls puking during clubbing alot but seeing it in front of me was quite different. maybe it's just that one girl but as she sat there next to her own vomit outside a cubicle blocking the other girls, she looked retarded. like an animal. i felt embarrassed for her.

7. Din is the best babysitter ever. i'd like to think that i was totally fine and able to walk on my own but really, i needed him to hold my hand and direct me alot lol.

8. wanna go again :)

kay back to watching Will&Grace at work. better get as many in before the bosses start coming back. bubyee.

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