Sunday, May 17, 2009

The One Where Our Mozzarella Turns Two

the very belated anniversary post :) i think it's gonna be our thing from now onwards to celebrate special occasions with a night at a hotel since we rarely ever get to spend a night together without doing it illegally lol. so on the eve of our 2nd anniversary (woo 2 years of rolling and dorking around chubbeh!), Din picked me up after work and we drove over to our fav place - the Curve. that's also where we had that date where later on in the night he asked the question. the place is just wonderful, especially the Street on a weekday night.

then we got into our room at the Royale Bintang (took ages to convince him to book a room there instead of Boulevard) and we showered and purtied up and went for dinner at Italiannies. should've seen how excited he was over food but he was very nice to wait for me to get ready - took 2 hours lol - and we went down at like 9ish.

okay so blablabla, pictures! :D :

i swear, i tried so hard to capture that perfect toothpaste commercial smile of his but he kept posing so much so i basically got hundreds of shots like this.

and this.

okay lah i had problem also. he said i look all shy and mousy.

his main course, which he couldn't finish cos he had bruschetta before it and hence - no dessert. :(


shot taken by the waiter. who made fun of Din quite a bit and i didn't like that rawrr.

we went to Secret Recipe for water and the supposedly-stuffed boy asked if i wanted Chocolate Mud cake and i was like noo i want my Chocolate Indulgence so we got a piece of each.

on the way back upstairs after. like an hour of TV later, the cake was gone. he got sleepy pretty quick and after a while he flipped over with his back facing me then turned back grabbed my hand and wrapped my arm around himself and mumbled, 'cuddle mee!' gahahaha! and as usual, he didn't remember doing anything so unmacho in the morning.

next morning - went for a swim after breakfast. eyeliner smudged ee!

Dinofly©, pre-world domination. ;)

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