Friday, April 24, 2009

The One With Booty Shakin' In Exchange For Birthday Cake

to the purty birthday boy, the one whose heart is as big as Russia and the one who laughs with his mouth so wide you can mistake it for a Venus Flytrap :

happy 19th, Sweetpea!

here's back when we both had less-than-fab hair and playgrounds were our favourite (okay more like only) haunting grounds. we've grown loads (especially you 13 kg fattyyyy gahaha) but you'll always be the prettiest boy to me, inside out, no matter how much weight you gain or how cinapek you become. :)

and even if one day we've to be apart, i'm still gonna find my way to wish you HAPPY BIRTHDAY at midnight (no matter what time zone gonna be the first foreverrr) and give you your present in threes. cos for how much you think of others when they're not looking and when you're not being crazy-alpha-man macho, you deserve that at the very least. :D

anniversary next woohoo!

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