Monday, February 23, 2009

The One With Fog Tonight

1. my neighbour, the one with the cutest, tamest labrador and this soft-toy puppy, just messed up my internet. it's only been about 23 hours - most of which i spent at work and sleeping - and already i'm depressed. i'm gonna kidnap Miu Miu and Mickey if he doesn't fix it back asap i haven't watched ANYTHING in the past um day.

2. i think, i need a new job. i used to be the girl who smiled at everyone who worked on the same floor as me and i'd still do it even if they look at me like i'm nuts/look at the floor/run away. and now, i'm the one who looks at the people who smile at me eventhough they don't know me like they're nuts. or high. zomg i cannot cannot work in a cina-dominated company (you have to speak Manglish/sign language fluently if you want to be understood) otherwise i'd be driven to depression and have to go see a therapist. and i want to get a degree in Psychology screwed lah like this. 

3. early last week, i received somewhat depressing news.

4. then later in the week, i received happy news (that i was supposed to receive long ago).

5. i decided that the depressing news is none of my business because - to be honest and i shamefully admit - i've been worrying that i too will encounter a situation like that and it's not easy to just grab it by its neck and throw it far, far away.

6. speaking of throwing things by their neck far, far away - i'd like to do that very much to my boss.


8. i swear, i had to put my fist in my pocket otherwise i would've punched her in the face. i can't stand anything unethical. i like things done professionally or according to how it's always been done. wah then this woman give me back the stack of forms which i filled out and asked me to go through all the files to copy the customers' signatures.

9. okay to even out how horrible i made her sound, she's nice to me. like very nice sometimes she asks stuff about me and she'll tell me stuff 'bout herself like how she broke her spine (or something like that) during her honeymoon hahaha! laughing at the irony lah okay not happy she broke her spine. sigh. i remember that day. i was like, 'aw man i'm so horrible i wanted to punch her just now and now i find out she broke her spine before and on her honeymoon somemore.'

10. and because of no. 1, i can't post my Valentine's Day pictures! i didn't even realize it had been a week till Sunday arrived and i was like having my breakfast in the morning before work and emo-ed cos the Sunday before i had omelette and scrambled eggs and pasta (i know i dunno why they served pasta for breakfast either) and my boyfriend reading newspaper like an old man across the table from me lol.

11. i think i'm beginning to be very violent or developing some passive aggresive responses when i'm angry. i don't do any of them lah, but i keep thinking 'bout it that one day i'm worried i might. like punching my boss, who's a woman, almost everyday. and sometimes when my mom is taking me home from work and the traffic in KL is very bad i always see myself having a carton of eggs in my bag and i'll throw it onto the windscreen of the cars whose drivers are stupid/blur/inconsiderate/stupid/assholes/stupid - you get the picture. actually the egg one seems more likely cos right i'll just throw it and my mom'll *vroom* away and their windscreen'll be all eggy so they can't see who threw it WAHAHA!

12. i think it's a good thing i'm gonna be studying Psychology so i can figure out what i'm suffering from.

okay back to blog-hopping this might be all the internet i get for the rest of the week. :(

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