Thursday, December 11, 2008

The One With 'Hullo, Mum'

i've got a good feeling about this. i don't usually do, the only 'job' that i actually liked was raising the monsters. given they were easy and each came packaged with a sense of humor, they did make up for it in numbers. shall report back in a week. let's all pray i do not gain any weight with the food served during break because none of you - none - will hear the end of it.

and to the Butthead, i'm hoping to not miss you while you're in Langkawi cos missing you is pretty painful. not aaaaahhh end this misery lemme die lemme die kinda pain but more like ooh i feel like kopitiam for dinner but aw damn he's not around to teman me and giggle at the tiny waiter who he fancies so much pain.

i've got half my Christmas presents done! you've no idea how happy i am because i'm always the last minute shopper and after last year, i vow to never leave it till the week before Christmas. oh and after a week of burying myself in books, i've decided that i'd love to get books for Christmas as much as shorts. given how i've just started reading again so i won't be asking for any fancy, unknown author's book but just plain ol' Meg Cabot (i don't have the 9th and Avalon High which sounds nice *hint hint*) and maybe J.K. Rowling (i don't have the 6th and 7th Harry Potter *hint hint*).

speaking of books, the other day i noticed the Bionic Woman's list of books she read and i was like shit! i've only read a total of one off her whole list and when i looked at the stuff i was reading i felt pretty noob lol i shall make it a point to read regularly again and be a little more adventurous and maybe tackle another Agatha Christie (the only one i liked was And Then There Were None and that was cos alot of people kept dying).

off to risk deforming a tiny bit of my face now. very excited but i might chicken out. =S

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