Wednesday, October 01, 2008

The One Where We Go Visit Superman

Good evening, i'm reporting live on today's supposed sighting of Superman flying down a tiny hill in Taman Desa, Jln Klang Lama.

Lol so today Aaron smsed -

'..Jits flew..covered in bandages..want to visit him later?'

And i was wondering where the hell he flew to and more importantly - from what? So he explained that Jits pulled a Superman on the way home when he was riding down a hill and braked all of a sudden. I know it's not suppose to be funny but i (and Karven) couldn't help but laugh. It was the situation k, Jit Siang. We love you - that's why we came with munchies (Karven ate half of what she gave and Aaron didn't cook like he said he was going to) and Simpsons! =D

All bandaged up.

His knees are plastered too and he said he saw his bone and i was like, maybe it's not your bone lah maybe it's tissue and he went, ew! Yes it's a whole lot worse, tissue. He told us what happened which basically was just him riding down the hill, he braked and flew forward. Then he couldn't get up so he had to call his mom to come get him. I was trying to coax him into skipping a few days of school and he refused.

Then later he chirped, eh maybe since i'm like this i can skip NS!


Jits all emo.

Okay end of the most on-time post ever! This happened today, not a month ago so i'm very proud of myself. I'm still not done (and probably never will be) with the Prefects' Farewell post. I got all sulky after finding a few photos were taken without flash so it was really, really dark and even when i photoshopped them to make them brighter it didn't do any good. My picture with Carrine and Kathleen was the saddest Carrine's whole face was wiped out only can see one eye. Sigh.

Off to watch 90210 and Greek now. Should do a review on all the shows i'm addicted to. There's a new one called Merlin and i'm starting on Doctor Who so i'm catching a li'l bit o' the Brit accent the more episodes i watch. G'night minions.

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